Volvo launches eco-friendly truck engine castings developed in India

Volvo Group India has launched an environmentally friendly casting for its engine components. This, the company says, is part of a push for cleaner mobility and taking the next step by launching eco-friendly engine castings made by Brakes India, a partnership founded in 1998. The new environmentally friendly castings will be used in Volvo engines worldwide when production begins this year. month and will be used in vehicles for the next two to three months.

According to the company, green molding could help Volvo cut CO2 emissions by around 0.86 million, while the industry is expected to cut emissions by 210 million tonnes.

Green Castings will include caps and bearing housings for select Volvo engines, and with the two products, the OEM expects to reduce CO2 emissions by 8,500 tonnes. The castings will be manufactured in India and certified by the Confederation of Indian Industries – Green Products and Services Council.

For its production, Brakes India will use scrap, alloy and raw materials that are 100% free of radioactive elements, and will also use 100% recycled scrap metal produced by other companies.

Express Mobility spoke with Kamal Bali, President and Managing Director of Volvo Group India, to better understand the company’s plans for the future. “The biggest investment we have made to reduce our carbon footprint is not money, but the idea of ​​doing it. If you look at a Volvo truck, you will see that it is almost 29 percent cast iron. With this step, we are reducing our carbon footprint not only in India, but worldwide. This aligns perfectly with Volvo’s mission and vision to achieve zero emissions by 2040. For us to achieve zero emissions, our value chain must also go zero.”

According to Girish D.M., Head of Purchasing India and Group Purchasing Trucks, Volvo Group India: “We expect such a measure to reduce the carbon footprint in developed countries such as the US, Japan or Europe, but doing it in India was not easy. but we have worked hard to make it happen. This could revolutionize the automotive industry in terms of sustainability.”

Green castings are currently focused on internal combustion engines (ICEs). Girish said: “As Volvo moves towards its 2040 mission, ICE engines will shrink, but they won’t go out of business. Volvo has other plans and alternative fuel options such as biodiesel and hydrogen. We will not become a company with zero internal combustion engines, but their role will decrease. They will run on alternative fuels.”

ICEs will see the introduction of new technologies and new paths, and in the next few years, Volvo plans to start mass production of trucks and buses using alternative fuels.

Sriram Viji, MD, Brakes India, said: “More than two decades ago, we introduced sustainable development principles into our practice by purchasing clean energy ahead of time. From then until now, sustainability has been an upward chart for us across all branches of Brakes India and in order to achieve this, we are heavily focused on reducing GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, conserving materials, managing waste and adopting green technologies. supply chain.”

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