Exemption Tax on Interest Received From Post Office/Savings Bank Account U/s 80TTA with Automated Income Tax Software All in One for the Govt & Non-Govt Employees for F.Y.2020-21 as per U/s 115BAC

In today’s situation, where we watched different cheats identified with banks, in such a circumstance numerous individuals and mainly senior residents are moving towards the post office to make sure about their no-nonsense cash. Despite the fact that the pace of interest is now and again somewhat less the security and trust with the post office is high in the market.

Income Tax Deduction U/s 80CCD
Income Tax Deduction U/s 80CCD

Simultaneously, numerous individuals are under an inappropriate impression that the interest earned from post office saving financial balance is completely absolved in the hands of the beneficiary. This is false by any stretch of the imagination. Subsequently today I am writing this short and straightforward article just to illuminate all the peruses who are under this off-base impression regarding interest earned on post office saving ledger.

Income Tax Section 80D
Income Tax Section 80D

The centre explanation of this disarray in the minds of individuals is because of different corrections concerning tax collection from the interest of post office saving financial balance. Prior it is completely excluded U/s 10(15)(i) vide notice no. G.S.R. 607(E) dated 9 June 1989. Then the said notice is revised in 2011 to give halfway exception for example up to Rs 3,500.

Income Tax Exemption from NPS
Income Tax Exemption from NPS

At present, the interest from the post office and saving financial balance is first available under income from other sources and then qualified for deduction u/s 80TTA up-to Rs 10,000 alongside other saving ledger interest. And whatever will be the measure of interest well beyond that deduction will be available in the hand of the beneficiary.

Home Loan Exemption U/s 24

Expectation the above explanation will assist you with understanding the duty viewpoint concerning interest earned on Post office and saving Bank balance.

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